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What is Model UN? 

Model UN is a premier vehicle for building young people’s problem solving skills and understanding of international affairs and world cultures. Model UN develops literacy and communication, higher order thinking, and not least of all respect for diverse perspectives. Students in Model UN develop a mindset for active citizenry and build lifelong skills that enhance college and work place readiness. The program meets two challenges: improving academic performance and creating engaged citizens.  

Model UN prepares young people for their role in a participatory democracy. It is a proven tool in developing critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills. Through simulations, students increase civic awareness and build informed views on issues affecting communities worldwide. It promotes development of personal ideas and collaboration with people of varying opinions. Young people learn to engage responsibly in decision-making.

Specifically, Model UN offers students opportunities to: 

  • Become expert researchers as they investigate problems related to specific countries/interest groups and issues;

  • Develop a personal view of, and commitment to, a positive future and an understanding of the changes needed to bring it about;

  • Acquire skills of negotiation and consensus building;

  • Identify international, national and local strategies for community development; 

  • Develop public-speaking and debating skills as they articulate “their” country’s/interest group’s stand on issues ranging from global warming to waste management;

  • Engage in critical thinking as they are challenged to take into account the views of many governments and interest groups; and, 

  • Learn to respect others’ views as they interact with people who are different from themselves.

Our Model UN programs tackle requirements for the Florida Civics and US History end-of-course assessments (EOC).  We help teachers develop academic simulations on just about any social studies topic.

Why ffl?

Historically, Model UN tended to attract the participation of students from private and more selective schools.

Therefore, FFL set a goal of increasing participants from public school districts across Florida. Model UN is an effective approach to preparing young people for their role in a participatory democracy and as global citizens, and we want to extend its benefits to the widest range of students possible. 

We work directly with public school districts to administer programs that meet both student and educator needs. Read more about who we are here. 

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