Volunteers quite literally make our work possible. Hosting a Model UN conference requires an average of 50 volunteers. Depending on the role, they must come with specific knowledge and skill, particularly when leading committee sessions. Thanks to dedicated Model UN teams of area colleges and universities we are able to fill the need. 

Model UN makes a positive and lasting impact that inspires volunteers to keep coming back. It encourages a sense of responsibility which does require commitment. Required volunteer training is provided by Foundations for Leadership to ensure delegates and their teachers experience an educational conference of the highest standard

Foundations for Leadership is an approved organization with several higher education institutions including the Butler Center at University of Miami and the Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy at Miami Dade College.  Through these affiliations, students are eligible to receive volunteer hours and service learning credit.

If you are a college student interested in volunteering for our programs, email team@foundationsforleadership.org

We are working on expanding  our volunteer program to increase direct outreach and support to teachers and students in under-performing public schools. You can help by donating today.